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Fitting Beauty School in Around Your Commitments When You're Busy

Embarking on your beauty school journey may feel equal parts exciting and terrifying. While you're ready to dive into acquiring a new skill that will accelerate your career, you may wonder how you can fit it in around your current commitments. Before you apply for a course, it's worth understanding the avenues available to you.

Consider distance learning beauty courses

First, it's worth understanding that you won't find a beauty course that's entirely online. If you're going to refine techniques such as applying makeup, facials, and all of the other practical therapies that require humans to practice on, you'll need to reach a physical classroom eventually. However, you can still engage in most of the theory offline.

If you're going to take on a distance learning course, you'll need the following attributes:

Online learning is a wonderful option if you're caring for small children, you're running a business, or you're in full-time work. Remember that you will still need to plan ahead for the days where you'll need to attend salon placements, classroom-based learning, and sit exams.

Consider the part-time route

If you're within easy reach of a beauty school and you have a couple of spare days a week, you may want to try the part-time route. Doing so means you'll probably finish the course faster than when you try online learning and you'll benefit from a classroom environment where you have more opportunities to practice on one another. Such courses are feasible when you don't have to work full-time, but you have some financial commitments that prevent you from attending a full-time course. If attending beauty school during the day won't work, ask about evening classes.

Consider finding an employer who offers development programs

If you're already working in a salon, but not as a beautician, ask if your employer is looking for new therapists and if they will support you through your training. Like other workplaces, salon owners will likely prefer individuals they know have a strong work ethic. If you have an excellent track record as an employee, they may agree to sponsor part-time beauty school attendance. Alternatively, try looking for an employer who offers an apprenticeship-type program so you can earn as you work